Section A – Name of Organization: This club shall be known as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Club.


Section B – Purpose of Organization: The purpose of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Club is to provide a social dance atmosphere for members to enjoy rock ‘n’ roll dances and lessons. Lessons would provide instruction in dance steps and rhythms using a wide variety of music genres and multigenerational music, with particular emphasis on music from the decades of rock ‘n’ roll.


Section C – These bylaws will fully comply with the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc., Articles of Incorporation, Association bylaws, and Rules, Regulations and Procedures (RR&Ps) for Chartered Clubs. In the event of a conflict between these bylaws and the above stated governing documents of the Recreation Centers, the Recreation Centers’ document shall prevail.


Section D – This Chartered Club shall be operated as a nonprofit organization in accordance with applicable Arizona and Internal Revenue Tax Exempt Codes, and the Association’s Bylaws.





Section A – Membership shall be open to all members in good standing of the Recreation Centers.


Section B – There shall be no other precondition for membership, nor will members be required to join any national, state, or regionally affiliated organization.


Section C – Guest Privileges are specified in the Rules, Regulations and Procedures, Chapter 3, Article II and Appendix IX.


Non-Recreation Card Holders may not be given more privileges than a Recreation Card Holder.


  1. A Recreation card holder who is not a club member may attend a maximum of 2 times before being required to join the club.


  1. A non-recreation card holder may attend as a guest on a space available basis only. Guests may attend up to 2 times per calendar year.





Section D – The amount of dues for each member will be determined annually on the recommendation of the club board and approved by a majority vote of the club members attending the meeting after a quorum1 has been established.


Section E – Disciplinary Actions:


Members who threaten the safety of themselves or others, are abusive, blatantly create turmoil, disruption, or cause dissension among club members, clubs or the Association in general, may have their club membership temporarily suspended (up to two (2) weeks) by the club. Written notice regarding the reasons for a temporary suspension shall be provided to the Recreation Activities Manager within two (2) business days of the temporary suspensions. Termination of a club membership can only occur following a recommendation from the General Manager, for the approval of the Governing Board. Severe cases of adverse behavior, as described above, may be a cause for suspension of Association membership rights and privileges. The following are recommended for club disciplinary actions:


Club disciplinary actions:


  1. First Offense: a written warning from the club
  2. Second Offense: a short-term suspension by the club
  3. Third Offense: a longer suspension not to exceed two weeks
  4. Fourth Offense: longer suspension or termination recommended by Recreation Centers’ General Manager to the Governing Board.


Any suspended or terminated club member has the right to appeal to the Governing Board (RR&Ps Chapter 3, Article I, F, 4).







Section A – The club board shall consist of (at a minimum) four officers: a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer.


Section B – Newly elected or appointed officers, within fourteen (14) business days of taking office, shall attest that they have read and understand the Association’s Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Clubs by signing the Form CR-5 (New Club Officers and Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Clubs Affirmation Report) and forwarding it to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager.



1Quorum: Quorum is the minimum attendance at a club membership meeting necessary to conduct elections, to approve bylaws, to approve budgets or to conduct other club business that requires a vote. A quorum shall be ten (10) percent of the club membership. However, a quorum requirement cannot be less than 20 members or more than 100 members.



Section C – The club board shall be elected by a majority vote of those present at the club’s annual membership election meeting after a quorum is established. The elected officers shall serve without compensation. An officer normally may not serve as an independent contractor. (RR&Ps, Chapter 4, Article VI, L).


Section D – The club president is responsible for submitting the CR-15 membership report to the Recreation Activities Manager by Feb 1st of each year.


Section E – Terms of office and responsibilities of officers:


Club officers shall be elected to serve a one-year term. However, officers may hold office for more than one year if they are voted into office by the membership each year. Club officers shall assume office on the first of January.


Any ex-officio’s term is not to exceed one year.


Responsibilities of President. The president shall act as chairperson of the club meetings and perform such other duties as are determined to be indicative to that office.  The president or other designated club officer shall represent the club at meetings of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West.


Responsibilities of the Vice-President.  The vice-president shall act as president in the absence or disability of the president. The vice-president shall be available to lend assistance to the president, treasurer, and/or the secretary when called upon by the president.


Responsibilities of the Secretary. It shall be the duty of the secretary to record the minutes of club meetings. Club minutes, records and letters shall be retained for a period of three years. The secretary shall oversee and/or maintain an up-to-date class membership file with telephone numbers that must be at the class site at all times in case of an emergency. The secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that all monies/membership records, etc. are received by the club treasurer.


Responsibilities of the Treasurer. The treasurer is responsible for securing and properly recording all club revenues and expenses approved by the majority of the board. The treasurer will also oversee the purchasing of all fixed and non-fixed assets, equipment, material and supply inventories.


The treasurer shall prepare the monthly and annual financial reports and file all IRS forms as specified by the Club Rules, Regulations and Procedure’s of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc. The treasurer is required to submit Form CR-7 (Annual Financial Statement) to the office of the Recreations Activities Manager by February 1 for the preceding calendar year.


Section F – Vacancies in Office: Vacancies in an elected office shall be filled through appointment by the president and confirmed by a majority vote of the club board for the duration of the original term. The vice president shall accede to the office of president in case of a vacancy.


Section G – Impeachment: To impeach an officer, Robert’s Rules of Order must be followed. If the impeachment is successful, the election of a new officer will follow immediately. (The procedure is available from the Recreation Activities Manager.)


Section H – It is the responsibility of each officer to pass the RR&P’s book on to their successor.








Section A – Frequency of Meetings: There will be a general membership meeting conducted during each quarter of the calendar year. The final general membership meeting of the year will be the election meeting.


The club’s board will meet as needed to ensure club business is kept current.



Section B – Provisions for Calling and Recording Meetings: Minutes will be taken by the secretary to document all business sessions and approved by the club president. Minutes, as well as other pertinent administrative records, will be retained for a period of three years. Minutes will be available to the membership before the next general membership meeting.


A special meeting can be called by the president if at least twenty (20) members exhibit proper reason to the board. A notice of the meeting will be posted not less than two weeks prior to the meeting.



Section C – Voting and Quorum Requirements:


  1. Club Board: A quorum shall be three members, one of whom must be the president or the vice-president.


  1. General Membership Meetings: A quorum is the minimum attendance at a club membership meeting necessary to conduct elections, to approve bylaws, to approve budgets or to conduct other club business. There are no proxy votes. The required majority must be of those present at a meeting specifically called for such purpose. A simple majority is required for all issues except bylaws. To approve bylaws requires a 2/3 majority. A quorum shall be ten percent of the club membership, however, a quorum requirement cannot be less than 20 members. A club could have in excess of 100 at a meeting, but the top required limit is 100. Votes will be by ballot if more than one person is running for the same office or if requested by the membership; otherwise votes will be visual.


  1. Refer to Roberts Rules of Order for assistance in parliamentary procedures. Note that stated bylaw provisions take precedence over Roberts Rules; i.e., anything not stated in the bylaws shall be referred to Roberts Rules for parliamentary rule.












Section A – Financial records shall be retained for a period of seven (7) years (prior to the current year).


Section B – Any expenditure of club funds exceeding $500.00, except payment for instructors and Recreation Center fees, must be approved by a quorum of members at a general membership meeting. Only expenditures of $25 or less can be paid by petty cash. (RR&Ps Chapter 4, Article V, B, 4). The treasurer will have signature authority of checks. In the event that the treasurer is unavailable, another board officer will have signature authority. Only one signature on the check is required.


Section C – No club member shall receive any compensation or financial award from club funds for contributions or service to the club. The only exception is when a member has an independent contractor agreement previously approved by the Recreation Center Activity Manager.


Section D – Financial records must be audited on a yearly basis by individuals other than those elected to the club board. The results of the Report of Audit will be presented to the general membership and duly recorded in the applicable minutes of such meeting. A copy will be provided to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager.


Section E – Any commercial advertising or flyers of club activities must be in compliance with Association policies.


Section F – Contracts: Any contracts for instructors will be handled in compliance with Chapter 4, Article VI of the RR&P’s. Each contract must be renewed on a yearly basis and a copy of each sent to the Recreation Activities Manager for approval.


Section G – The treasurer is required to submit Form CR-7 (Annual Financial Statement) to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager by Feb. 1 for the preceding calendar year.






Section A – Committees and/or chairpersons may be elected by the general membership or appointed by the club board.


Section B –  Permanent (standing) committees, at a minimum, will include Safety and Audit.


Section C – The Safety Committee shall be responsible for looking over the condition of the room to make sure everything is safe and free of hazards. Any area of concern will be brought to the attention of the facility supervisor.


Section D – The Audit Committee shall be the treasurer and at least two other board members who will secure someone who is not a member of the club board to audit the club’s financial records for the year.








To amend the bylaws of this club requires a two-thirds vote of the membership present at a meeting specifically called for such purpose, a quorum being present. Procedures for filing amendment(s) are as follows:


  1. The Recreation Centers’ Recreation Activities Manager shall review the proposed amendments prior to submittal to the club membership.


  1. Proposed amendments shall be well-publicized to the membership one month prior to the vote. All amendments must be voted upon and approved by a quorum of the membership.


  1. A complete revised set of the club’s bylaws will be submitted to the Recreation Centers’ Recreation Activities Manager for final review. The amended bylaws require the approval of the Recreation Centers’ General Manager prior to implementation. The results and date of the membership vote should be duly noted on the submittal document.








Prior to Club dissolution (after all debts are satisfied), all property and assets shall be turned over to the Recreation Centers.




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